Ham radio

I have currently two stations in use.

In my shack I have an Yaesu FT-1000D and a Sommerkamp FL1000 linear amplyfier. In my bedroom I have a second station that has an Icom IC-706 and a direct COAX to my ham shack antennas. With the bedroom station I mainly work FT-8 mode.

Both stations can use the Cushcraft R-7, an endfed wire (10,5 m long) or a 6m pole fed with a 9:1 balun. A mast with a threebander is under construktion. At the moment the project awaits putting together the antenna and then the mast will be put up. I have two HF-antenna projects. One is a 10m high mast with a tribander (Western 34 XA) and a real longwire over 80 m long. The mast project finished on 20.10.2018 and has been working ever since.

Both HF stations also have a SignaLink USB box for operating digital modes like FT8 and PSK. As operatingsystems I use Ubuntu linux and programs for FT8 is WSJT-X with AlarmeJT and Fldigi for other digital modes. I have helped to translate AlarmeJT into Finnish language.

For multimode operating on the 4m band I have a transverter but am still wondering what antenna would be best. Havent decided jet. And it seems a slow process. Probably it will be a 1/2 wave dipole for a starter, but 2m and 70cm will go before this.

For 2m and 70cm multimode I have an Yaesu FT-290R and an Yaesu FT-790R and amplifiers for both. At the moment  they will feed a discone antenna, that has low SWR on 2m and 70cm. I also have bigwheels for both bands that are going to be fitted on an old army telescope mast and this will happen in summer 2019 I prosume.

For 6m I have an HT-106 multimode from Tokyo High-power. This one will also at starters feed the discone mentioned before. Later I will put up a big-wheel antenna, but that will take some time. Perhaps in summer 2019? We’ll see.

In QSL cards I prefere eQsl.cc (AG), since its fast and reliable. I automatically send eQsl.cc , LotW and QRZ.com confirmation for ewery contact. If you want my paper QSL, please send you own QSL card via the buro or direct. When receiving your QSL card I will promptly reply with mine. Seems just fair.